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Top 5 Double Albums


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Guest Fresh

Elvis Presley- "Vegas to Memphis/Memphis to Vegas"

Chicago-"Chicago Transit Authority"

Beatles-"White Album"

Chicago-"Chicago II"

Elton John-"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"

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Not in any particular order...

The Rolling Stones-"Exile On Main Street"

The Beatles-"Live At The BBC"

The Moody Blues-"This Is The Moody Blues"

Elton John-"Blue Moves"

WOR-FM-"Double Golden"

The last entry is a compilation that epitomizes the sound being played on most radio stations in the five boroughs and Long Island from '56 - '66.

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Sorry, I can't stop at 5 - Here are 10, in no particular order -

(1) Trout Mask Replica - Capt. Beefheart & The Magic Band

(2) Freak Out! - Mothers of Invention

(3) It's Alive! - The Ramones

(4) Blonde On Blonde - Dylan

(5) Exile on Main St. - Stones

(6) Electric Ladyland - Hendrix

(7) London Calling - The Clash

(8) English Settlement - XTC

(9) Layla & Assorted Love Songs - Derek & Dominos

(10) Songs In The Key of Life - Stevie Wonder

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"WAY to hard to address this one!! but i notice the one always brought up is the white album....gotta be at the top of my list..lol,chris"

Not always - I certainly didn't mention it! IMO, too many duds on it....and BTW, it's not mentioned in 4 of these lists above, not just mine!

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