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First time Beatles on U.S. TV Jack Paar Show


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I have always heard about this segment from the Tonight Show one month before the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan show. Jack Paar a famous late night talk show host presented it. Actually I believe he had the Jack Paar show on Friday evenings from 9-10pm CST. Johnny Carson had just earlier replaced him as the Tonight Show host. I think that his daughter Randi had seen them in Britain and she told her Dad how fabulous they were and he was the first to put them on TV in America. This is the film segment and it is very interesting. I had never seen it before.


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Thanks Phil. I liked how Jack seemed almost apologetic about showing the footage (with no audio!), and how his closing line seemed to discount the Beatles as kind of faddish. Forty-some years later, though, the Beatles are still fresh.

Also, that video led to this one, a really nice reading of "Yesterday" by Paul on (I think) the Ed Sullivan show:


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