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Faces reunite


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Rod Stewart confirmed that he and the surviving Faces -- Ron Wood, Ian MacLagan, and Kenney Jones -- will hit the road for the first time since 1975. The band held their first rehearsal on Monday (November 16th). On Friday (November 13th) Stewart was asked by mirror.co.uk if the tour rumors were to be believed: "Yes, absolutely...It will be next summer and I am looking forward to it. It'll be great."

When asked about bandmate Ron Wood's current problems, including splitting from his wife, falling off the wagon which resulted in yet another rehab stint -- as well as living with a 20-something Russian model -- Stewart said, "Ronnie is up to it. He is full of energy and very excited. We try not to mix our family problems with work. I'll say you said 'hi.'"

No firm dates for the reunion have been announced. A touring member of Stewart's live band was said to be on hand for Monday's rehearsal, but there has been no word as to whether he'll be the permanent bassist for the tour.

The Faces formed in 1969 when Small Faces frontman Steve Marriott quit the band to form Humble Pie with Peter Frampton. The band -- which included cofounder and bassist Ronnie Lane -- enlisted the help of Stewart and Wood -- who, being several inches taller than their diminutive bandmates, forced the group to drop the "Small" from their name.

Prior to that, both Stewart and Wood were in the Jeff Beck Group. Between leaving the band and and linking up with the Faces, Stewart had signed a solo deal with Mercury Records. In the six years that the band was together, Stewart ran double duty recording numerous solo hit albums -- with Wood's help -- and recording harder, less commercial rock albums with the Faces for Warner Bros. The Faces incorporated all of Stewart's solo work into their repertoire, which led the band to feel at times they were merely backing Stewart. Their best known band hit was 1972's "Stay With Me" which peaked at Number 17.

Ronnie Lane left in 1973 following the band's 1973 swan song, Ooh La La, and was replaced by Japanese bassist Tetsu Yamauchi, who returned to Japan following the band's 1975 split. Ron Wood began touring with the Rolling Stones in 1975 -- while still in the Faces -- becoming an official member the following year. Ronnie Lane died in 1997 due to complications from Multiple Sclorosis. Kenney Jones replaced Keith Moon in the Who in late 1978 and was kicked out of the band in 1988. Ian MacLagan went on to record and tour with the Stones and Stewart, and also married Keith Moon's ex-wife Kim Kerrigan, who died in 2006.

Back in 2004, MacLagan oversaw the band's box set called Five Guys Walk Into A Bar... He says that he'd forgotten just how good a band the Faces were until he went back over their music for the four-CD set: "I was surprised, constantly, you know, in the playing, (and) the singing, you know? I fell in love with the band again, 'cause I hadn't really listened to the stuff -- I knew what the records sounded like, kind of, but I hadn't sat down and listened to them. Strong stuff -- we rocked!"

Rod Stewart's next U.S dates are set for January 29th and 30th in Hollywood, Florida at the Seminole Hard Rock Live.

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I for one, am ECSTATIC about this. They were such a great and powerful collective.

Think about it.

Rod Stewart - one of the most successful singers of all time, and with Jeff Beck is linked to The Yardbirds

Ron Wood - A Rolling Stone for 30+ years. (And yes, he BETTER have energy at his age...not just to perform on stage, but also in the bedroom with Rula Lenzka, Jr.)

Ian McLagen - supported The Stones & Stewart for dozens of years (avoiding the limelight), and in the early 60's he played on dozens of albums, as a hired studio musician, by other British groups like The Kinks.

Kenney Jones - a long stint with The Who. For years, I didn't understand why HE was recruited to replace Keith Moon. After watching live footage of The Faces for the first time back in the early 90's, THEN I did.

Ronnie Lane - just the fact that he could play bass so well, for being so damn tiny, was mighty impressive. He had reckless abandon.

The Stones

The Who

The Jeff Beck Group

The Kinks

WOW! I cannot wait for this tour!

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While I agree with everything Paul says above, there's one slight problem, IMO....their records simply weren't that good! IMO, they weren't up to par with anything the original Small Faces or Jeff Beck Group or early Rod Stewart solo did.

The recent box set, "Five Guys Walk Into A Bar...." confirms this - a handful of very good songs, maybe 2-3 all-time classics, but all in all, a band which underachieved. Now, live, they were much better (in addition to always having their own bar set up on stage....)...

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Yes, various Faces did back up Rod on his earlier solo work...(Woody and Ian were both on his first album, "An Old Raincoat...", known over here as "The Rod Stewart Album" as well...) - all of which was credited to Rod Stewart, as he saved his best songs for his solo efforts, and not The Faces. The Faces were basically considered Rod's side project back then.

And they were a great live band, although, I thought (and still think) most of their albums left something to be desired...especially in light of the potential they had. Their albums were fun, and you could dance to them......but classics? Ronnie Lane wound up leaving them in order to do more lead vocals, which he thought he'd be able to do with The Faces, before Rod S. showed up.

As a side note, wondering who their bassist will be....when Tetsu joined, they were all concerned about whether he could keep up with them in the alcohol consumption department...and he was a bigger lush than any of them!

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I doubt I'll go out and see them...unless they eschew the big arenas - unlikely with Stewart, however. At least I'm hoping that Woody, Ian & Kenny get good press this time, and not just get slagged off as Rod's backing band! As stated earlier in several posts by several folks here, there is a Hell of a lot of potential here.

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