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Favorite Christmas song


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I just noticed that on the second set of lyrics, it shows when each character from "Mame", the musical I never saw, sing: Mame, Ito, Agnes, Young Patrick and all singing together. If you scroll down to where Mame sings a second time, you'll see some lyrics that are from the musical and never heard on radio. You can play music from the first, and read the rest of the lyrics of the second set on separate screens.

For we need a little music

Need a little laughter

Need a little singing

Ringing through the rafter

And we need a little snappy

"Happy ever after"

Need a liitle Christmas now!

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I love Merry Christmas Darling (Carpenters). Just the way Karen sings it is amazing.

Oh yes, Darlene! Without a doubt, one of my top three favorite Christmas songs of all time. Her voice can bring tears to your eyes.

Another all time favorite for me is, "Do You Hear What I Hear," by Linda Eder, a very up version of this old favorite with a distinctly African beat. Give it a listen.


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Each Christmas Eve, a couple of sisters (I mean REAL sisters, not nun-sisters) return to our parish and sing Oh Holy Night after Communion. It's an event: not a dry eye in the house after all the years they've been doing it. It's how we watched them grow up, move out, and now return each year. Now THAT'S Christmas.


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