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skip from st.paul mn wrote: With the statement earlier, I should have put Burton Cummings with the group of hall of fame, or should be, members. Mr. Cummings I would guess (Mr. Krider please help), sold more then most of the recent inductees in the "Hall."

Don, could you verify the sales? And could that be verified by 70's vs 2000's standards. Also, please advise with regard to the Box Tops issue raised a few weeks ago.

Thanks, Skip


Skip, I'll post your Box Tops info in the "Cruisin' Music" section of this board in a few days (with my dad in the hospital and my sister expecting a baby on April 8th, I've been a bit busy, but I haven't forgotten your inquiry).

Since the RIAA only tracks U. S. sales and since there is no organization that tracks worldwide sales, I don't have the info you're seeking on Burton Cummings and The Guess Who regarding sales, but you might direct that inquiry toward Mark Chadbourne, who runs the "All Hashed Out" Guess Who website --- http://community-2.webtv.net/mmchadbourne/AHO/ --- since there's a message on that site's main page from Burton Cummings saying that he visits it almost every day.

There's a "discussion forum" on the site where you could post that question: http://community-2.webtv.net/backcoveguy/tos/page13.html and maybe a Guess Who authority will have the info you seek.

I would direct you to the official Burton Cummings site, but it's still udner construction at http://www.officialburtoncummings.com

I can tell you that, according to Whitburn's "Top Pop" book, The Guess Who's U. S. chart run was 21 Hot 100 singles in Billboard (including 13 Top 40 hits) between 1965-75, that Randy Bachman had 12 Hot 100 hits with Bachman-Turner Overdrive (with six Top 40 entries) in 1973-79 and that Burton Cummings solo had five Hot 100 hits in 1976-81 (including two Top 40 entries).

The Guess Who had three U. S. RIAA certified gold singles ("These Eyes," "Laughing" and "American Woman") while BTO and Burton Cummings each had one U. S. gold single, with "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" and "Stand Tall" respectively.

The Guess Who were inducted into the Canadian Music Industry Hall Of Fame in 2002, with Cummings and Bachman inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall Of Fame in 2005. There is an online petition to get them into Cleveland's Rock Hall at http://www.petitiononline.com/tfh1/

Don smile

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Thanks Don, as you are the GUY, sometimes, we (I)do not grasp the personal life aspect. Best wishes to your father and good luck to 'sis! Nothing urgent, but I think a case must be made for Hall of Fame folks that are not in, especially since the building sits right there in Cleveland (visited by my family prior to the NYE show). I appreciate your fast take on the Guess Who question.

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was just lurking here a bit tonight, having had a bit of a raspberries flash-back. learned some things, but unlike many other discussion groups i have happened upon, this one seemed to be populated predominantly by kind, reasoned, and respectful folks. i think it is imperative that we all remember that we can be strong and dynamic and passionate and still be considerate and kind and deft with the occasional barb.

cheers. goodonya.


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