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What song was #1 when you were born?


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When the blues group Canned Heat recorded "The Chipmunk Song" (Christmas Don't Be Late), It was the late Bob Hite who told Alvin (when "The Chipmunk Song" plays) & Bob said "Wait a minute, wait a minute what are your mice doing in here?" Alvin said "MICE" then Bob said "This is our session, we're came in here to do a Christmas boogie". Alvin said "Who do you think you're talkin' too"? Bob said "This is 1968 brother not 1958 now you mice gotta get it together, now if you want to hang around here, you just got to be quiet". Alvin said "Mice, who are you calling mice, we're chipmunks". Bob said "All right, all right chipmunks cool it now, listen." Then Canned Heat plays the song "Low Down (And High Up)." I thought that was funny. crazy Matt

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Finally catching up with this thread....

I'm another "Mack the Knife-r" (11/30/59)--I think that's four of us. Wow!

Phil (my fellow 11-30 birthday-share): Frankie Laine's "Mule Train" is an awesome song. My dad played it on an 8-track in the car all the time. Yee-hah! A real classic.

Re: Eric's birthday.... Perry Como is another for whom I have a soft spot.... My dad was a huge fan of his, so I heard plenty of Como. (Dean Martin, too.) Those guys stay with ya....

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Originally posted by TOMMY TUNES:

Don't Be Cruel/Hound Dog by Elvis Presley

Can you "Top Those TUNES?"

By the way,thanks ILE for this wonderful info.

Four pages later and no one can top this. Good TUNES flow thru these veins.
Right Tommy. Your fate was sealed the day you were born...BY THE ALMIGHTY BILLBOARD MAGAZINE!
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If you count the time in the womb like cultures in the far east (as well as myself) do, then this is what was playing back then ---

 JUNE 1957

"Love Letters In The Sand" --- Pat Boone..(Billboard's Top 100) &

                                                                       (Billboard's Most Played by Disc Jockeys) &

                                                                       (Billboard's Best Sellers In Stores)

"All Shook Up" --- Elvis Presley ....................(Billboard's Most Played In Jukeboxes)




If you take the government view of a legal birthdate, then this is what was playing back then ---

 MARCH 1958

"Get A Job" --- The Silhouettes.......................(Billboard's Top 100)

"Sugartime" --- McGuire Sisters......................(Billboard's Most Played by Disc Jockeys)

"Don'tand  "I Beg Of You" -- Elvis Presley...(Billboard's Best Sellers In Stores)

           (Category for "Most Played In Jukeboxes" was dropped from the lists)


------Courtesy of Wikipedia




6  6


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