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What song was #1 when you were born?


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You are all so young! In 1947 Harry James had "Jalousie," which I always adored and Glenn Miller put out "Moon Love," which was influenced by Tchaikowsky's famous symphonic movement. ("Could it be Moon Love? Nothing but Moon Love?") I love that one also!

Old Blue Eyes had September Song, of which I'm very fond as well. All in all, "it was a very good year." I don't know exactly which song was #1 at the moment I came into the world at 4 in the morning on August 30, 1947, but one of you will no doubt tell me. Which was it?

smile --Darlene

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April 21, 1960

Stuck On You by Elvis

Like Elvis, just not that song particularly.

I DO have the distinction, though, of knowing that Eric received his gold record for All By Myself on my Sweet 16 birthday according to what I read recently! I like that MUCH better than Stuck On You!LOL

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Ted, we need to reference stone tablets for you... :P

What I find interesting is how many of us are within a year or two either side of my birth year of 1959.

When Capitol Records started mistakenly having Raspberries promoted in the teen magazines and having the "Raspberry Mobile" contest; they were targeting us! The 12 to 16 year old crowd at that point in time! And after 30+ years; we're still with the band!

Those promotions might have been misguided, but by God they were effective! At least from a retention standpoint! laugh

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Kia ora guys My song is "Battle of New Orleans"by Johnny Horton.Here in NZ the words were changed to "Battle of Waikato".Waikato is a province in the North Island, it is also the major river of the North Island.The song talks about the Maori wars in the 1800's.Here ends the geography lesson. P.S. A chocolate fish (not trout!!) to anyone who can pronounce Waikato properly.

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Hey Kathy!! I am so bummed I missed you on Saturday at the Choir concert. I was there with my sister, Leff't Home, and a group of other people. Kept looking for you but seems we missed each other. BUMMER. crying The good thing is, I was up by the stage for the entire set. The bad thing is, my hearing didnt return until Monday. haha

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