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Where is the Choir review?


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So far, nobody's posted who sang which songs....so here's the info, straight from the notes I took -

(1) I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better - Dave (good opener...Flamin' Groovies also used to open with this Byrds song in the late 70's)

(2) We Gotta Get Out Of This Place - Kenny M.

(3) It's All Over Now - Wally (starting to heat up)

(4) I Only Did It Cause I Felt.....- Dave (Finally - a Choir tune...)

(5) When You Walk In The Room - Dave (Wally nailed the 12 string part...)

(6) Tired Of Waiting For You - Kenny

(7) Bad To Me - Dave (great job on old Billy J. Kramer tune penned by Lennon-McCartney!)

(8) Tell Her No - Kenny (They nailed this one, weird chords and all...)

(9) When You Were With Me - Wally (great job hitting those high notes!)

(10) If I Needed Someone - Dave (a surprise - I was expecting perhaps an earlier Beatles tune)

(11) Save The Last Dance For Me - Dan K. (Merseybeat-sounding version - excellent!!)

(12) Ferry Cross The Mersey - Dave (yet another surprise to me....and they killed on this one!)

(13) Laugh, Laugh - Kenny (with original harp part pretty much by Dan)

(14) The Kids Are Alright - Dave (GOD! Is this the best cover band ever or what???)

(15) Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin) - Wally (odd Stones cover, but fitting)

(16) Gimme Some Lovin' - Kenny (disappointing after what we've heard so far tonight - why not more Choir songs???)

(17) It's Cold Outside - Dave (the best live versions ever - better than at the Raspberries shows, IMO)

(18) Encore - Route 66 - Wally (cross between Stones and Chuck Berry version)

8 lead vocals by Dave, 5 by Kenny, 4 by Wally, 1 by Dan.....and among the very best vocal harmonies ever! Only disappointment - more Choir songs needed, especially with the Es-Shades and Alarm Clocks' sets so cover-heavy.

The Alarm Clocks sounded to me like a reunited Sonics might - glorious grungy garage versions of songs like Carol, All Day & All Of The Night, A Well Respected Man, Gloria, Like A Rolling Stone (??), plus their "hits", Yeah and No Reason To Complain. If Norton puts out their live set highlights on CD, this'll be a good 'un!

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Both shows were fantastic! The guys sounded great and I loved all the songs they played. I enjoyed the opening bands also. So nice to see fellow boarders. I also met a few people that are not on any of the message boards ,just strangers striking up conversation. They were all so nice.

To the band - Thanks for the pics and autographs.

Nice to see you all having a great time. It was a great show.

I was just so tickled to see Jesse play, and Wally join in on a song. So cool, so cute!

It was nice seeing Ernie,Rusty,Baby sis,and Paulie. Hey Lisa! Ya think we had a good time??

*giggles* Oh beachberry,beachberry I enjoyed your company. Bryan(purple hat guy)you are a silly guy! smile

Paul I will tell my father I met a fellow "choo choo" You were great company. Lisa you're the best girlfriend! Bernie and Kathy...thank you,thank you,thank you. It was so nice to see you and thanks for all you do. smile

Kathy,thanks for the bag of dark choc M&M's.YUM! Thanks for thinking about me.

Thanks everyone for another memorable trip, I will treasure.....always


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"As long as the V is "on loan" to Mr. Bryson, there's a good chance there'll be some music emanating out of it"

I presume Wally's going to leave those old jeans from the 70's, that have been patched up hundreds of times, in the exhibit? (I'd hate to see him try to get into them now........)

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To me, the coolest thing about this show was that the Choir's cover songs were so note-perfect in sounding like the originals. That and getting to hear "When You Were With Me" again, by the originals...even if I did have to leave one lousy song short of "It's Cold Outside."

And yes, as I have said before about that Flying V, I don't mind its being missing from the Rock Hall, because I would rather HEAR it than just LOOK at it!

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Thank you for all the reviews. I really, really wish I had been there. crying It looks like a great set list, especially It’s Cold Outside and covers such as When You Walk in the Room. My sister will be really pleased The Zombies-Colin Blunstone/Tell Her No was included!

Beachberry ~ was it So Tired of Waiting by The Kinks? I would have loved to have heard them do that one as it is one of my all time favourite records. I could listen to that song until the cows come home.


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