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"Bubblegum" Heaven


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"Jingle Jangle" is just one of the greatest songs of all time. I don't care if it WAS attributed to a fake cartoon band. Toni Wine's voice on this one is particularly sweet and incredible.

As for the Steve Miller "Abracadabra," that one always gets my vote for "Worst Lyrics Ever Written," aka the "Lyrics So Bad I Could Have Come Up With Them Myself" award. You can tell the lyrics are bad when you can tell what the rhyming word at the end of a line will be just from hearing the line that came before it. Examples:

Every time I call your name

I heat up like a burning _____

Burning _____, full of desire

Kiss me, baby, make the fire go ______

Or try this classic couplet:

I see the magic in your eyes

I hear the magic in your _____

Brilliant songwriting it ain't.

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Through CD Baby, I picked up a disc by a band called "The A.M. Band." This band from NY, tries to capture the sound of the early 1970's, such as the Grass Roots, Edison Lighthouse, Partridge Family...well you get the idea. The cd is titled "Eight Hit Wonders!"

Here are some site links:



p.s. In their 'thank you's', the band writes: "Thanks to David Cassidy, Tony Burrows, Stuart Edwards & Dave Taylor of Edison Lighthouse, Bobby Sherman. The spirit of the early 1970's was with us when we were writing anc recording this music. We hope it is with you when you're listening. Enjoy!"

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"What qualifies a song as 'bubblegum'?", according to the Bubblegum Music Page (http://home.att.net/~bubblegumusic/), here are some hints:

1. Prefab group: The group members are faceless (not literally!) and nameless. Come on, wouldn't you want to remain anonymous?

So now here are my choices for "bubblegum" heaven:

10. "Little Willy" - the Sweet


1...So this disqualifies the Monkees?

10...I wouldn't consider the Sweet song bubblegum. It rocked. Mind you...if THAT was *MY* problem...I wouldn't be singin' about it....let alone releasin' a record underlining the sordid 'truth'.


By the way...I'm not much of a bubblegum music fan...and along with the Sweet...I don't include the Raspberries within that 'designation'.

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