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über CHEAP TRICK live stuff on YOUTUBE!!!


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After doing a recent run & search and bounce around on Youtube for a load of hours, I found what might be the greatest live power pop vocal performance, although if someone posts Eric doing "I Don't Know What I Want" from BB Kings 7.24.05, it might get a run for its money...

the live performance I'm talking about is a VERY rare performance of the Todd Rundgren-penned gem "Heaven's Falling" from 1983... Robin Zander uses every ounce of his god given talent to hit all the out of this universe notes (as well as the very difficult to hold low notes in the intro!)....

on top of that Bun E Carlos never sounded more in the zone and Rick Neilson plays a lead for the ages... and they also have the "man behind the curtain" handling the "over dubs"!!!

just go on to youtube & type in "cheap trick heaven's falling" and u should be able to find it

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cool pierson!! zander is the shit,no doubt..a friend of mine who use to be a huge groupie(and his wife) got to talk to him in a bar after a concert,and another guy was askin him cool questions about music and vocals..when he asked him about falsetto parts,robin stopped and looked him dead in the eyes and said "i don't do falsetto"!! obvioslly from that video,he's right!! he was absolutelly killer in canton,ohio when our band opened for them..i was in awe of his powerful vocals all nite!!lol,chris

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