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8-16-77 ( today...) ...

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You know, time must really be passing fast. I didn't even realize that it's been 29 years already since Elvis' passing. Tony's absolutely right. If Elvis hadn't been so medicated in the seventies, he might have dumped Col. Parker, took that role, and been revitalized.

I'm listening to "Any Day Now" as I'm typing this...


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Oh my! So, 29 years ago, I was standing in a KOA Campground store holding a can of pork 'n beans! Upon hearing the news, I dropped the can and it rolled across the floor. Another lady in the store said, "What did he die from?" to the lady manning the store. She said, "His heart quit beating." My mom and I got the giggles, and that's when the can went rolling. Wow! That was just like yesterday!

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My family had just returned home from a Florida vacation...As soon as we had brought all the luggage in the house I turned on the TV where a news bulletin was just starting...The bulletin said Elvis Presley was dead...I was 17 at the time and had played Elvis' latest single "Way Down" on our local radio station before our trip..."Way Down" was one of the most rockin' songs we played on our local country station...I heard the song alot during our vacation travels...I really thought it was neat that an "old guy" like Elvis could still have a top 40 hit...Those were the days...When 42 was old and I had a long way to go before I got there...

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