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Digipaks SUCK!

Captain Harlock

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You know, I'm really ticked off by the growing trend of labels packaging CD's now in these so-called "digipaks" (or "eco-paks", whatever they are calling them these days).

Here's the thing, a lot of people are claiming "well we're saving the environment by using biodegradable packaging". I say that's a complete and utter load. How are you "saving the environment" by chopping down trees to make paper? Jeff Tweedy of Wilco was on 120 Minutes years ago and said that their record "Being There" was packaged that way (probably the first digipak) to save money. How fitting since I recently had to replace Wilco's "Being There" because the discs got so scratched up from taking them in and out of that flimsy paper sleeve they were unplayable. I'll have to put them in jewel cases anyway.

Secondly, they're extremely FRAGILE. Discs have been crushed, mangled and mutilated before I even unwrap them. Live on the Sunset Strip was crushed and DOA from Amazon.

The other thing is that I wouldn't mind so much if they were cutting you a break. However it seems the record companies are charging the same price and you're getting LESS product.

I really don't have an ending here. I will say though that this is NOT an improvement. Like Foamy the Squirrel said, and they wonder why nobody is buying CD's anymore. Nobody is buying them because they took all the fun out of buying them!

Don't make me go back to vinyl!!

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