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My Nephew wants to open for Motley Crue...


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My nephew is in the running to be the opening act on Motley Crue's upcoming tour. I was hoping I might be able to ask you to help him out by going to the link I've provided below, and vote for his band "Rev Luv". He's the stage manager at Chicago's HOB, and his band has opened up for a few acts there, including Twisted Sister. I'd really like to see him get a shot at this, so help him out if you can...(He's the drummer, btw.)You do have to register, but it's not a long process at all, and it's safe...


It's not my type of music, and I despise Motley Crue, but I'm doing this out of love for my nephew...


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Done deal. Took about 2 minutes to register. Good luck.

I actually saw Motley Crue in Estero, FL about two years ago at Teco Arena. I was never a Crue fan by a long shot...and knew only about four or five of their songs. I must admit it was a rather eclectic group of fans. A buddy of mine had 4 seats on the floor, about the tenth row. So the price was right ( $0).

My ears were ringing for two days afterward. High energy....higher noise! Although the crowd was filled with "eye-candy" the music was "ear-arsenic" IMHO.

BTW...they DID NOT do their version of Raspberries "Tonight" which is floating around the net.


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