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Bob Lefsetz - Alejandro Escovedo


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I see Lefsetz finally broke down and wrote about what may, at this point, be the best rock & roll album of the year to-date, Alejandro Escovedo's "Real Animal". Escovedo was selected about 7-8 years ago by No Depression magazine as the alt-country artist of the past decade (90s). It appeared he had finally found his niche in that genre (whatever the Hell it is!), after struggling as a punk rocker (The Nuns) and country-punk (Rank & File, True Believers) during the 70s-80s.

Alejandro almost died several years ago from chronic Hepatitis-C and all of its various complications (he was an ex-junkie), but seems to have bounced back with a vengeance, just releasing his, IMO, best album ever....most of the songs' lyrics dealing with various periods of his life....and it reminds Lefsetz of Springsteen.

While I can see similarities between the music/songs of the two, I think it's doing Alejandro a big disservice in comparing the two....his music is excellent enough on its own. I suspect Lefsetz is bringing up the connection due to Escovedo's now being managed by Jon Landau, and the fact that The Boss had Alejandro recently join him on stage to do one of AE's songs.....

If, on the other hand, it helps AE commercially, then more power to him! We'll see....he's playing the 930 Club tomorrow, where he usually plays to decent but not sellout crowds....

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He almost sold out the 930 Club last night, and put on a great show! Interesting lineup - 2 guitars, bass, drums, violin & cello....with the strings a good deal louder than on the recent Visconti-produced CD. One of my all-time favorite songwriters.....

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Agreed....and I wish Alejandro would play the old R&F tunes live once in awhile, but the Kinman brothers wrote practically all of them, one of the main reasons Escovedo left the band right after the debut album "Sundown". He was primarily R&F's lead guitarist.

After he left, he formed The True Believers with his brother Javier (ex-Zeros) and Jon Dee Graham. As he said at last night's show about that band, "we were trying to be the Southwest version of Mott The Hoople...but Javier & I instead wound up being the Chicano version of Ray and Dave Davies...we couldn't get along!"

BTW, his two encores last night were spot-on versions of "All The Young Dudes" and "Beast Of Burden", after an hour and 15 minutes of all originals!

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