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Are they buskan here

Daisy McLintock

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Jugband music, okay. I like it!

Raspbernie can move this thread if he likes, no problem.

To add to what MJ posted, it means performing in public places for tips and gratuities.

I was surprised to learn that there are many very successful famous artists who started out this way: Gerry Rafferty, Joan Baez, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Jimmy Page, Dolly Parton, Carlos Santana, Simon and Garfunkel, and Rod Stewart.

Many movie stars were also buskers.

Artists busk part-time or full-time for a variety of reasons:

For money, for fun, for attention, to socialize or meet people, for the love of their art, to practice their skill, try out new material, and to be in front of an audience.

Some earn just a little money, some earn a lot. Elements and other stuff determine the amount they make.

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