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Any NRBQ Fans Out There???


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While the 'Q (arguably the world's greatest bar band...or some might take out the "bar" part..)has been on a 4+ year hiatus, there's been some feuding between original members (over 40 years) Terry Adams and Joey Spampinato. Joey, his brother Johnny and drummer Tommy Ardolino fired several shots in the battle last year, by playing out as a 3-piece called Baby Macaroni...and doing mostly NRBQ songs, even those written by Terry and Big Al Anderson. Per reports received by Terry, they didn't do the best job covering the tunes.

Adams just retaliated in a big way, by hiring 3 younger (in their 30s) and incredible musicians (Scott Ligon from Chicago on guitar, Pete Donnelly from The Figgs and New Jersey on bass, and Conrad Choucroun on drums, from Austin, where he plays in a number of bands), and hitting the road earlier this month as The Terry Adams Rock & Roll Quartet. Just saw them in Annapolis, and it's like a younger NRBQ on steroids! They do many of the old classics, and do them all justice and then some! As my friend Kim (Terry's cousin, BTW) and I told him after the show - "F*** NRBQ! Just take these guys out and do it!!!" As Terry turns 60 later this year, and has some health problems, I'm hoping he can keep it going for many more years.....He's still one of the very best keyboard players in the world (just did a residency at a jazz club in NYC for a week in January), and still rocks like a mother!!!

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A couple of links with info on Terry's new band -

An ad for a show this weekend in Bearsville, NY:


(You may note that the 3 newbies even look a lot like younger versions of (L-R) Joey, Tommy & Big Al!)

And there's a really good review of the band's debut show (from last November - a one-shot show; their first mini-tour was this month) on the home page for guitarist Scott Ligon's myspace site (left column):


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