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They have removed so many great music videos from youtube.....


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Originally posted by hollies65:

View some while you can.

yep.... but there's still some more amazin' stuff popping up (especially some "new" old Canadian stuff from A Foot in Cold Water, Thundermug & April Wine)

i just posted a new list on my myspace page of 19 clips to check out:


Thundermug too? 'Africa' I assume. Smoke mashmakan...ah ah ahhhhhh. wink

They also did a cover of some early 60s tune...but I'm too dull to remember what it was. [Doi oip dee doip.]

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I knew it it would happen. The rumblings have been going on for a while now.

I understand with the infringement issues and other legal problems.

But it makes me sad.

I would not have found this site and all the fun people here, If I had not seen the "Go All the Way" clip on Youtube.

I tossed a lot of Lps of groups I never heard or seen.

I would have Never heard all of the wonderful Eric Carmen and Raspberry Music.

I can't be the only person to see these treasures and fall in love with music I had not been privileged to see when it came out originally. I hope some agreement can be made so that all the beautiful music can be shown again, I would pay to have access.

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