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Nobody Knows - Scott McCarl


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In the Raspberries section there is a thread about underrated songs and Nobody Knows came up a few times, also a question why it was never covered. Thought I'd start a new one.

Eric and Dave wrote some killer harmonies in this gem, and it's very Beatlesque/Raspberriesish, and obviously very good live.

Ironically former Raspberry Scott McCarl did cover it and did a great job. The story is that Eric once told Scott he wishes he was around at the time to sing it, as I think they were going for that Lennon "No Reply" vibe.

Scott's 1998 album, Play On is essentially his solo greatest hits. Below is a link to the album on Amazon and if you click the audio samples link on the left you can hear 30 seconds of every song.

Check out his take on Nobody Knows, but also listen to the totally powerpop should have been a single "I'm In Love Without a Girl. (Would have made a good 'berries song) There also is a demo of the song he mailed Eric that got him in the Raspberries, and even a short ode specifically to Eric for giving him his break.

Plenty of other Beatles inspired tunes by this guy that does an eery Lennon when he wants to.

I think Eric and Scott would have been quite the songwriting team had things been different..



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