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Eagles interview on CBS 60 Minutes


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I just saw the 60 Minutes interview with the Eagles. Fantastic! There were such quotes as: " We will forever be associated ...We might as well get along". Also, "I don't sound as good unless I am singing with the others". "Our sound is unique"....

Also....They noted how much different they looked from the seventies. But they sound not only the same as then but even better.

Wow...is it just me or does all of this sound hauntingly familiar? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......

Not sure if the entire interview is on line but it was a good one. I think at least a preview is here.



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Yes Phil it was interesting. It was a revelation when Frey said, "I'll forever be associated to Don, so we might as well get along." I also liked Henley's line about the 28 year wait in between albums (paraphrase): "Yeah it 28 years, but so what? I'd rather put out one great album every 28 years than a poor album every year."

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How about the question of why people listen to them and Frey said," Take it easy, Peaceful easy feeling, already gone, witchy woman, new kid in town, hotel california, lyin eyes , take it to the limit, long run, life in the fast lane...etc.. ? I guess that covered it pretty much.

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