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Any Raul Malo fans on this board?

Rich From PA

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I recently saw Raul Malo at the Sellersville Theatre and the guy blew me away with his voice, choice of material etc.

There is a cd that is available only at his gigs called "An Evening With Raul Malo". They were sold out at the show I went to.

I was wondering if anyone here had the cd. I'd really appreciate getting a copy.



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While I have all of the Mavericks CDs and RM's solo releases, I do not have the privately pressed one, as I haven't been to any of his solo shows yet. Raul's the latest in the long line of successors to Roy Orbison, IMO....(with a strong Hispanic flavor...)

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My friends band got to open for the Mavericks way back when they were just getting hot Pre Grammy.I was impressed with Rauls singing but really was bored with the show I guess I'm not real big on the Western Swing Rock thing.They were all very good musicians though.

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Fell in love with his voice and The Mavericks from their first big hit "oh what a crying shame"

years ago. They made a big splash quickly, then never followed it up. The usual breakup story, regrouped and in between all that Raul has sung and played on a wide variety of projects, and that is completely understandable considering his vocal range. The boy as they say in the country muisc world,"Can flat out get er done"!!!


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