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I just did an interview with both Wally and Jesse that I am still putting together, and the guitar believe it or not is a Harmony 335 copy. When the interview is finished, Bernie will get a copy and post it if possible. Both Wally and Jesse are the real deal, great people who were very open and honest. I am also going to send the interviews to the guitar publications and see if they want to publish it. Wally has been long overdue to have an article about him.

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I look forward to that interview with Wally and Jesse. I hope you can get it in Guitar Player because I believe it has the largest circulation of any of the guitar magazines.

There have been a couple of good guitar magazine interviews with Wally in the past decade, one in the February 2005 issue of Guitar Digest (which is online at http://www.raspberries.net/GuitarDigestStory.htm ) and a great one in the October 1997 issue of 20th Century Guitar ( http://www.tcguitar.com ) that are worth seeking out.

The 20th Century Guitar article was written by Ken Sharp and features photos of many of Wally's guitars, with Wally describing which guitars he used on which songs on Raspberries albums.

When I read Ken's article in 1997, I was amazed to find out that Fotomaker's "Come Back" was originally written by Wally around the time of Raspberries "Fresh" album but wasn't included on "Fresh" (as good as the Fotomaker version is, I bet Raspberries could do it better --- "Come Back" probably didn't fit the spirit of the "Fresh" album, but it would have sounded great on "Side 3").

And, to Gene, great photos!

Don smile

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