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Dave Matthews

Billy K.

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Dave Matthews' music is really popular, and the guy sells a lot of CDs and packs them in at concerts.

His music doesn't punch you out, like a lot of punk and metal bands.....isn't about ballads....

and is about right in the middle as you can get.

So, you can't fault the guy, and especially with a violinist in the band----which is not normally a "rock" instrument.

He also is a good community person....does a lot of things for charity and social consciousness. And in fact, is one to add extra shows for the fans.

There are a lot of things that compell me to want to LIKE the guy's music.......but you know, his stuff kind of "goes through me"----really doesn't do anything for me. Don't hate it.....but I don't get it.

What's your opinion on Matthews' music? Just curious......

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He's ok...I bought one of his cds a few years back for one song-"Crash". I didn't really like anything else on the cd. I don't think I really like his voice and I like a more solid sound in music. But, from what I've seen in interviews, he seems to be a great guy and, like you, I wish I could like his music but also like you, it really doesn't do anything for me.

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