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An overview of the 5 recorded versions of the Joe South song "Hush". The original Deep Purple Rod Evans vocal was by far the biggest hit and best rendition of the tune. Yes I know of the current car commercial that features "Hush". 20 years later DP rerecorded "Hush" with Ian Gillan's vocal. It was good to have DP rerecorded one of their biggest hits with their definative vocalist but it lacks the bite of 68's "Hush" especially without Jon Lord's spectacular organ solo. Joe South's original was fine and the 2nd best version. Billy Joe Royal was the 1st cover version and the one that inspired DP to record their interpretation of "Hush". A so so version in which to me sounded like as if the vocals were speeded up on tape. Lastly 90's alternative band Kula Shaker did a descent take on the tune that comes to capturing the original DP version.

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You know what? Of course you do! Whenever anyone wants to know anything here,I go search on downloads sites to get the information, so I'm not going to do that this time, because everyone is able to that for themselves, right? Besides, I'm still a relative "newbie" and feel like I'm breaking a record for posting!

I don't want to excede MJ's number of posts, because she'll likely come up here, in this mid-70's degree day, and get me!

I remember "Hush" and I am beginning to feel a little bit old now! Even though my last son is only almost 11... sigh.

"Hush. Hush. Heard somebody callin' my name... " It's not God calling me yet!

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