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GoGos... or Bangles?


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Here's one for the fellas... (uh, ladies, too, actually)....

Along the lines of the "Ginger or MaryAnn?" and "Betty or Veronica?" discussions on another thread, how about "GoGos... or Bangles"? Wasn't it fun having both all-girl bands around in the 1980s?

Personally, I wouldn't ask any of 'em to leave the premises, but in a pinch, I'd go for the Bangles.

Now, as for their music... (hee hee hee)

Your refresher courses:

* Bangles (this is awesome... great song by Jules Shear): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjQ76vqwYMk

* GoGos (their lips are sealed): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrYM2Gt9sMw

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I have always thought the Bangles were great and at the LA show at the HOB Sunset Strip this past November I got to meet Susanna backstage before the show. During the show she sat up in the balcony right in front of Wally and seemed to love the performance. Now what I would really like to see is a Raspberries/Bangles tour. Together they would fill any house and rock all night long.

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James... Bangles and GoGos are a LOT closer than, say, Beatles and Abba.... C'mon now.... Abba did cute pop music for a while, but it's about as substantive as a spoonful of whipped cream...

Ernie, that's awesome! I hadn't heard that Susanna attended the LA show! I do remember reading that she considered recording "Go All the Way" with Matthew Sweet (?), however, so it makes sense....

Your idea for a Raspberries/Bangles tour is awesome! Naturally, you'd handle Susanna's guitars too, right? She's got such a great voice....

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