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Another new 'Supergroup'


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Kind of a pompous proclamation from old Sammy. But...if they've written 8 or 9 NEW songs...that would put them on close to equal footing with the king of pagerization...Jimmy Page.

I wonder who Sammy has in mind for the group's vocalist? Someone to rival Robert Plant... He's surely not referring to himself.

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I'd have to agree with sllvnbil.....Montrose was an awesome foursome! Wonder what Danny Carmassi and Bill Church are doing these days. Not to mention Alan "Fitz"....

As for Hagar's comments, such is typical of a band with a "dedicated" frontman.....most have excessively big mouths....not really that much different than Ozzy or Mike Love or Scott Weiland....or a couple of dozen other lead singers in famous bands.....

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