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Il Divo on American Idol


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Il Divo is not a favorite but I don't hate them either.

I think of them as guys who would be better suited for musical theater rather than trying to be in the popular genre.

They have nice voices and are good looking enough(with the exception of Carlos Marín) crazy They seem plastic even in their beautiful Armani suits. Maybe it's the slick over styled look, that lacks "genuine" feel to them.

For me they are just.... eh <shrug shoulders>

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I guess it just goes to prove we don't all "hear" the same thing when music is concerned...I really enjoyed their performance on AI !! (and I agree with you, Beth, especially the guy doing that eyebrow raising, looking at the camera with *THAT LOOK* thing ! It was weird and way over the top.. :rolleyes: )

TT, you'll never get old ! spin

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