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Wally Bryson sighting?


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A high school classmate of mine recently passed away. There is going to be a memorial concert at The Wing House in Mentor, OH on January 18th from 2:00 til 7:00 PM. There will be a number of bands performing, including -

Abbey Rodeo (with special cameo appearance by Wally Bryson)


I hope this is not just a rumor. Those of you in the Cleveland area might want to attend the benefit. Maybe you will get lucky and get to hear Wally.

Richie Rich & The Po’ Boys, featuring Dan Klawon, a founding member of The Mods and The Choir, is also on the bill. Denny Carleton, a one time member of The Choir, is also scheduled to play.

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Just received a flyer from "The Wing House" in Mentor regarding the Rick Harrison Memorial Concert. Sunday, January 18 is the date, beginning at 2 pm and will feature Wally Bryson, Eric Carmen, Abbey Rodeo, Denny Carlton and others. The $5 admission will go the the Communication Connection Charity. The Wing House is located at 8807 Mentor Ave., Mentor.

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Very interesting. If my name is indeed on the flyer, I haven't the foggiest idea why. I don't know anything about this event.

Eric, my brother emailed me the flyer and your name is not on it. It mentions Wally, but nothing regarding the Raspberries or any other member of the band. If you would like me to email it to Bernie, he could then forward it to you.
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