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Recommmend an unknown record to Soft AC people

Carmen Smalley

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Not sure if this really fits the definition - might be a little too "heavy" in the lyric department if one list I looked at is correct...but....

almost anything by Rupert Holmes...EXCEPT the one he is best known for, "Partners in Crime". While a great pop album, just didn't have the chops so many of his others did.

"Widescreen", "Rupert Holmes" and "Singles" are all distinct, yet wonderful. "Pursuit of Happiness" and "Full Circle" (this one grows on a person after repeated listenings) might fit the catgeory best. "Adventure" is still very pop, but overall I enjoy it much more than "Partners...". "Scenario" is more late 80's-early 90's pop sounding, and probably the one I consider weakest overall. But, by that time, Rupe was ready to move on to other things...to say the least...!

This is a catalog I think any of us here on the EC board would enjoy. They were all released on CD as a set (titled "Cast of Characters) last summer, along with bonus tracks. A nice addition to anyone's collection, trust me.

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This was an interesting thread I missed until just now....

I would say: Check out a record called Victory Gardens by John & Mary, on Rykodisc, 1990. The duo is John Lombardo and Mary Ramsey.... He was in the earliest 10,000 Maniacs lineup, and he re-joined, with Ramsey, after Natalie Merchant left (also recommended: Love Among Ruins, from 1997). I like Mary's voice better --- she's a lot easier to understand than Natalie. Anyway, Victory Gardens is a very accessible folk-rock kind of record -- sort of mesmerizing.

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There is a little known CD called "Poetry and Airplanes" by a guy named Teiter. I was turned on to it by an article I read Esquire written by John Mayer. It's gorgeous light romantic Pop from start to finish, but NOT fluff. This guy is one serious singer songwriter. A great choice for those special moments with your mate.

For something older but beautiful, Steven Bishop's first LP "Careless" still sounds wonderful.


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