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Stones Halftime Review: Post it Here!

Keith Nivan

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I wasn't impressed with the show. I think it's wonderful that they are still together on stage "performing" - I give them a lot of credit for that.

Yet, I couldn't help but envision the Raspberries on a similar platform and what their selection would be. I didn't think about it for long as it was so clear to me that the Raspberries have so much more energy (and FUN) - and it just didn't seem fair to the Stones' efforts to be making that comparison.

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I didn't catch the game, until near the end of the third quarter. Today, on a rock station after 12:00 P.M., someone said that during a solo guitar part, someone on the sound board couldn't find the right knob. So, what happened is that the guitarest kept playing, until about halfway through the solo, his guitar volume on the sound board was turned up. I've seen this happen before, when other people sing or play. The first group of musicians play, and everything is good. Then, when the next singer sang, someone gave him the wrong microphone, for the string section or something, and there was about 60 percent less volume, for a large crowd. There's alot of confusion, unless someone puts different tape colors on each chord and matches them on the soundboard. :p

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