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Most Overrated Music Artists

Billy K.

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I can't say all of these folks are untalented, but I think that they get more noteriety, critical

acclaim, and/or record sales than they deserve...

(Not in any particular order)

Mary J. Blige

Dave Matthews

Sara Evans

John Mayer

Patti Smith

Bit I like "No more drama" by Mary J. Blige, I always go for the song not for the artist, except EC and Raspberries of course...
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John Mayer is a decent guitar player,but his music doesn't really appeal to me.I agree with most of the names listed with the exception of The Doors.Somehow I knew hollies65 would agree with me!Also,since I have the chance to say so,I never could understand all the hoopla showered on KISS.Musically they make the Bay City Rollers look like Pink Floyd.Just my two cents.

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Oh, yes, let's not forget Sonic Youth....what's the big deal with these guys?? Anyone know??

You know something, I saw Sonic Youth back in 1993 here in New Haven at the now shuttered Palace Theater ("downtown revival" my ass!!). I got free tickets and at the end of the night I STILL wanted my money back.

Sonic Youth seems to be more interested in making all kinds of stupid noises with their instruments rather than PLAYING MUSIC with them. And people are way too forgiving of that. I remember looking around saying "are you not hearing this? Why aren't you throwing things at them?". They benefitted from the whole "you shouldn't say anything bad about anyone" thing back in the mid 90's. But I can honestly say that they have ZERO talent and even less musical ability.

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