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The Ultimate Dude Song

HT from Mo

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I still have a turntable, it is only 3years old, you can still buy them now.

My turntable runs a1 condition.

You know, now you can buy a turntable to add with a USB Connection, to your computer to record all your albums to a cd-r.

Their is a cassette deck little station you can buy also which is USB connected.

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Hi Gord,

I never saw "Big Star." I will have to check that out! Thank you for sharing this.

Some of my current favorites videos on youtube are "Lips of an Angel" by Hinder, and "How You Remind Me" by Nickleback. This one is just awesome.

There is another song "I Dare You" by Shinedown, their video wasn't all that great, but the song is really good. Whenever I hear this, I can just imagine our "dude" Eric belting out this out.

If you get a chance, would you let me know your thoughts.


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Fired up the turntable tonight, and found a stock copy of "Party's Over". I have a lot of demo and/or radio station copies of Raspberries 45's from my visits to Capitol back in the day, but this was the version that was in the record racks, and the S-bomb is clearly on the 45! Maybe Capitol didn't give a S**t by then! Kirk.

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Wow! Thank you, Kirk.... Well, not that the S-bomb bothered me, but leaving it intact was one way to get radio stations to shy away from the song back in 1974. Hmmm....

Now, maybe "Party's Over" was intended as the B-side of the single (on his fine discography here, Bernie lists it as "Cruisin' Music"/"Party's Over"). But it was always my understanding that "Party's Over" was the A-side. In fact, I think I've even read a Wally quote in which he was happy that he finally got an A-side. But like you said, Kirk, maybe Capitol didn't care....

Besides, there ain't many words that would fit into that line and still have the same impact. Something like, "So I'm older and brighter and a bad criticizer/And I'm crazy but I don't give a whit..." just doesn't work, does it? smile

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"Born To Be Wild"

Always makes me feel manly when I hear it...while walking around the house in my heels and black Versace dress...that James wants to borrow...

So you actually did get the poo off?

I'm tellin' ya' Zout works every time.....

Not that I'm saying I've ever had to get poo off a Versace dress before or anything....

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We forget the obvious: "Money Down", Raspberries

(the anthem of many a smart male)

James, I listed it on p. 2 of this thread. Great minds....

"Never let no woman abuse me, Never let no woman misuse me, Never let no woman confuse me, Never laid my money down..."

(Yeah, that's worked out well.)

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