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The Ultimate Dude Song

HT from Mo

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Mmmmm after drinking a six pack of Bud through a straw and giving this some deep consideration I'm going to have to go with:

"Feel Like Making Love" By Bad Company....

... It's been scientifically proven that when this song comes on the radio the hair on the back of males head begins growing exponentially to form a sort of mullet and 9 out of 10 guys listening to it imagine themselves leaning on a '70 fast back Mustang with a Boss 302 engine in a tank top flexing their muscles for adoring girls standing around barefoot in Daisy Dukes and a very loosely knit mesh shirt, no bra.

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It depends what your criteria for a guy's song is. For loud, hard rocking tunes, "Hair Of The Dog" by Nazareth. But there are lots of loud songs. How about "If You Don't Love me I'll Kill Myself." I think a few people did that. Freedy Johnson. I almost said Speedy Keen. The song by Aemon, "F*** it(I don't want you back" is definitely a guys song. A lot of Who songs are macho headbangers. Any old Balck Sabbath. The first Foreginer album. Headknocker, Long Long Way To Go, etc. Man, I'm old.

Go All the Way is both loud and soft. In hact most the Rasberries songs were. "I was Born In A Laundrymat" by Camper Van Beetoven is real heavy.

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Thanks for the equal time, HT. There are so many "dude" songs, and so little time.... Let's see, my short list would include:

"Why Don't We Do It In the Road," Beatles

"Go Your Own Way," Fleetwood Mac

"Tangled Up in Blue" and "Just Like a Woman," Bob Dylan

"Hot Legs" and "Dirty Weekend" (wow!), Rod Stewart

"Do Ya," ELO

and, of course, from Side 3:

"Money Down" and "Tonight," Raspberries

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I personally don't have a problem with the so-called "F-bomb"—especially when used in song lyrics. I mean, this *is* rock and roll, right? I still remember buying John Lennon's first solo LP back when I was 13 and being worried my Mom was gonna hear said "bomb" in "Working Class Hero," so I always turned down the volume on that one. As for "Starting Over," Eric's sweet voice makes darn near anything acceptable :-)


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I was just teasing re: the F-Bomb. Hence the smiley face....

Re: "Working Class Hero" and "Starting Over"---yep, two great examples of "language" in pop and rock music. And don't forget "Party's Over." I remember in college getting a huge kick out of the line "And I'm crazy but I don't give a sh*t." It just works. Sometimes in music, "F-bombs" and S-bombs" sound gratuitous, but in these examples, they fit seamlessly. They're conversational, rather than forced....

Which reminds me: I asked this question on another thread, but maybe no one noticed it or knows the answer: When "Party's Over" was released as a single, what did Capitol do with the word "sh&t"? Did it stay intact? Or get edited? I honestly don't know....

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