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Artful Dodger Rave On NEEDED!!


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Man, this is a really old thread.....Anyway, anyone who is interested can get a copy of the Cleveland Agora's 40th Anniversary Artful Dodger "Rave On" CD plus a t-shirt from the New Year's Eve show for $29.50. There were many requests for the merchandise and after some pleading the Agora came up with this combo pack. The CD is a very good quality vinyl conversion of the "Rave On" album and includes 8 additional live tracks from a 1976 Artful Dodger Concert at the Cleveland Agora. The live material sounds great! Here's the contact information for anyone interested:


Agora Theatre & Ballroom

Agora Promotions, Inc

5000 Euclid Ave

Cleveland, OH 44103

ph: 216.881.2221

fx: 216.881.7312

cell: 216.470.6009

AIM: supafly0506


I sure miss this forum, but the Artful Dodger site has really taken off since the NYE Reunion Show - Believe it or not, the band actually managed to sound better than they did in 1991! We're getting ready to move the site and upgrade it so we'll have more video clips and quite a bit of audio to listen to. Hopefully, when things die down, I have more time to stop out here and catch up on things!

Finally, nothing official, but the Cleveland Agora mentioned that they are trying to get Artful Dodger to come out again and do another show. If this happens, I'll post the info as I get it!


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