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Capitol Screws up Beatles US releases


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I quote the poet Homer Simpson: "Doh!!!!"

For the upcoming US releases of the Beatles' Capitol albums, the label scrwed up in a major-league way...

As I was discussing this issue with a friend the other day, there was only utter disbelief that they did NOT notice that both versions of "I'm Looking Through You" had the false start; something that should've immediatley alerted them to the mistake!

Reason why is because for BEATLES freaks, this is the EXACT reason why these reissues are coming out. It's for the small rare differences (& reverb and mono, of course).

here's the note i was sent from a friend:

'Today Capitol Records issued the following statement regarding the manufacturing of "The Beatles: The Capitol Albums Vol. 2," specifically in reference to the stereo to mono mixdowns for two of the albums, "Beatles VI" and "Rubber Soul."

Some of the mono tracks from the initial manufacturing run of "The Beatles: The Capitol Albums Vol. 2" were not the original mono masters that were intended to be included on this historic re-release. The third party mastering facility incorrectly sent step down masters instead of the mono masters ordered by the label to the manufacturing plant. As soon as Capitol Records became aware of this, the correct masters were sent and the adjustment was made in another manufacturing run. Although there is no discernible difference in the sound quality in the initial run, Capitol made the adjustment for historical accuracy. Information for any consumers who wish to obtain a replacement copy (with proof of purchase) will be issued shortly.

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