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New CD from Pete Best Band ....


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Just picked up "Haymans Green" last night, the new CD from the Pete Best Band (!!!), just released this past week. What an absolute shocker!!!

While Pete's bands have always been very entertaining live, most of their original material they've played has been so-so at best, IMO....rewrites of "What'd I Say", "Twist & Shout", various Beatles songs, etc. This new one is excellent!

All original songs composed by the band, all in a very melodic power-pop vein, reminds me more of Warner Bros-era Badfinger crossed with vintage McCartnet than anything else! Great harmonies, guitar hook-friendly tunes....Hell, I think these tunes are a lot better than any of the recent (post-Sire) material that The Searchers have been playing live. Surprisingly, there aren't really any fast/up tempo songs...mostly mid-tempo, which is probably the CD's one weakness.

Nonethelss, whoda thunk this band would be able to record something this good in 2008?

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Interesting reviews of this new CD on a couple of Beatles forums.....someone called it taking the Beatles sound and making it contemporary, while another reviewer said it's as good as any Beatles album (!?).

Just a wee bit overboard there, but it IS a very good effort, and I think fans of the Beatles, Badfinger, Merseybeat, power-pop music will really dig it!

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