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Speaking of Tommy Keene and Robert Pollard.....


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...I've never noticed any postings on this board yet (and admittedly, I'm still a relative newbie) regarding Robert Pollard or Guided By Voices. Are there any GBV fans out here? Just curious......

Personally, I think the hyper-active (from a recording standpoint at least...and he also seems a bit wired in person, too) Mr. Pollard is a all-time frigging genius as far as coming up with great power pop riffs....but NOT necessarily a consistently great songwriter. To me, so many of his tunes are somewhat half-baked (for want of a better term), based on a killer riff, but not fully developed in terms of what we generally think of as song structure (verse - chorus-bridge, etc.). I think it's possible to cherry-pick through GBV LPs and come up with possibly several 50-60 minute disks that would make it seem like they're one of the greatest bands in history.....but overall, there's just something that's not totally satisfying to me about Guided By Voices. Any thoughts?

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you basically hit it on the head... Guided By Voices are a good band... but they always fail to transcend... there's a limit to their appeal that keeps them from being a totaly incredible band... the lyrics are always a bit cryptic and there's always a bit of repetitiveness that doesn't help... that said, they've created a gazillion songs of which so many sound spectacular and cool when someone gives them a spin...

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