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Lindsey Buckingham to release solo album in fall


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I just got tickets to his Nov. 16th show in Portland Oregon... I saw him for the Out of the cradle tour which was just amazing... He's one of my favs. Any berryheads going to the Portland show let me know and maybe we can get a brew before the show!


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I also like Out of the Cradle better (so far), probably because it was more accessible. The new one is taking longer to get under my skin, so to speak.... Pretty intense, and takes more "study." Not that it's bad --- not by a long shot. I can listen to LB's guitar-playing all day, and his best songs really cut deep. A lot of what's on the new one reminds me of the songs "Bleed to Love Her" and "Say Goodbye" from Fleetwood Mac's great Say You Will album. So I'm certain it'll grow on me.

That said, Out of the Cradle is tough to beat....

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I thought that I’d offer my thoughts on LB. I’ve been a fan of Lindsey’s work ever since those heady early 70’s Buckingham-Nicks days. I’ve always felt that he was the heart and soul of Fleetwood Mac, and though he writes great pop music seemingly effortlessly within FM, it was the more-adventurous tunes such as those on “Tuskâ€, that truly amazed me. I’ve also felt that no one has been able to capture that same adventurous (quirky?) side of Brian Wilson as Lindsey has. Artists such as the Wondermints, High Llamas and Beechwood Sparks have similar intentions, but Lindsey, in my mind, has always been able to take it one step further. His “Go Insane†album perfectly captures this music, and I feel the latest release is along the same lines. His guitar playing, needles to say, his beyond parallel.


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I was in the 2nd row for Lindsey Buckingham in Cleveland last night. It was at the Lakewood Civic Auditorium - an interesting venue, its Lakewood High School's auditorium.

Lindsey Buckingham is the most amazing guitarist I've ever seen. And if you've ever seen him, especially close-up you know what I mean.

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Lindsey Buckingham 10/13/06 Orhpheum Theater, Boston,MA.

Set List:

01-Lindsey Buckingham – Not Too Late

02-Lindsey Buckingham – Trouble

03-Fleetwood Mac – Never Going Back Again

04-Fleetwood Mac – Second Hand News

05-Lindsey Buckingham – Castaway Dreams

06-Fleetwood Mac – Red Rover

07-Lindsey Buckingham – It Was You

08-Fleetwood Mac – Big Love

09-Sardonic World/Lindsey Buckingham – Go Insane

10-Lindsey Buckingham – Under the Skin

11-Fleetwood Mac – World Turning

12-Fleetwood Mac – I'm So Afraid

13-Fleetwood Mac – I Know I'm Not Wrong

14-Fleetwood Mac – Tusk

15-Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way


16-Lindsey Buckingham – Holiday Road

17-Band Intro

18-Lindsey Buckingham – Show You How

19-Fleetwood Mac – Save Me a Place

20-Lindsey Buckingham – Down on Rodeo (Acoustic)

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The Cleveland set was pretty much the same as the Boston show except he did "Bleed to Love Her" instead of "Down On Rodeo".

And he's playing "Trouble" as a solo acoustic arrangement that transform the song like the acoustic versions of "Big Love' and "Go Insane" that he's been doing for a few years now.

The acoustic version of "Go Insane" is still as haunting as the first time I saw him play it on the Out of the Cradle tour.

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Saw Lindsey B.'s show here in the OC on Friday night - here's the review I wrote for my column in the local newspaper:

As the main musical force behind Fleetwood Mac since the mid-'70s, singer/songwriter Lindsey Buckingham has had a hand in fashioning some of our generation's most memorable musical moments (the FM radio staple "Go Your Own Way" being just one example). During his on again/off again solo career, Buckingham has alternated between his trademark winning pop numbers (the 1981 top 10 smash "Trouble" and 1984's "Go Insane") and his more unique, slightly skewed pop-rock musings. Buckingham's recent solo gig at The Grove of Anaheim was a thoroughly entertaining, often gripping look at a true pop music master in action.

Opening with the delicate, finger-picked guitar stylings and hushed vocal of "Not Too Late" (from his latest solo effort, the remarkable UNDER THE SKIN), the often reticent and soft-spoken Buckingham had the capacity crowd eating out of his hand from the word go. A drastically slowed down, acoustic reading of "Trouble" was next, followed by a faithful, spirited take of the Fleetwood Mac classic "Never Going Back Again." After being joined on stage by three versatile backing musicians, Buckingham launched into the Mac's punchy "Second Hand News," breathing new life into the old chestnut.

From there, the generous 19-song set alternated between tracks from UNDER THE SKIN (the gorgeous "Cast Away Dreams," "Show You How" and the buoyant "It Was You" among them), more Fleetwood Mac tunes ("Big Love," "Go Your Own Way," "Save Me a Place") and choice solo nuggets (the inclusion of the boppy, poppy "Holiday Road" - from the '80s comedy flick NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION - was a pleasant surprise). Every song was highlighted by healthy doses of Buckingham's acoustic or electric guitar - the man is simply one of the best there is on the six-string.

Both sides of Buckingham's musical personality were on display throughout the evening, as well; one minute he was nearly whispering his vocals and dedicating the sweet "It Was You" to his wife and two of his young children, who were in the audience; the next he was prowling the stage and savaging his guitar like a man possessed during the chilling "World Turning" and "I'm So Afraid." The dichotomy between the two sides of the musical coin was fascinating and kept the rapt, appreciative audience on the edge of their collective seats. The addition of the somewhat wacky "Tusk" (the title track of Fleetwood Mac's highly experimental 1979 album) slotted in perfectly with the strange side of Lindsey B., particularly the "yeeee-HAAA" yelps that he used to help punctuate the song's chorus.

The evening's only slight disappointment was the exclusion of any songs from Buckingham's 1992 masterpiece OUT OF THE CRADLE ("Countdown" or "Turn It On" would have been most welcome), but even so, the nearly two-hour show was a close-to-transcendent experience from one of pop music's most original and compelling artists. Buckingham also plays November 10 at the Wiltern Theatre in L.A.

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PopDude, great review! Nice style --- and I agree with you on everything you said about LB in general (and wish I had been at that show). Out of the Cradle is an awesome album, and his new one has really grown on me the past couple of weeks.

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Just saw LB last night in San Francisco, and what an INCREDIBLE performance! Popdude did a great job with his review, but words almost can't describe how wonderful this show was! I am in Washington DC today after a short night's sleep and a very long, cramped flight so I'll try to put a few more thoughts together at another time.

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Don't miss Lindsey on CMT this Saturday nite (tomorrow, 12/2) with country act Little Big Town, show is "Crossroads" at 9PM. If you do miss it, they do rerun these specials quite a lot... I've been saying for awhile now that LBT reminds me of FM, but with a bit of country twist. Check it out!

Joyce wink

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