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Top ten songs of the 70s.....


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Starecase smile

And, Darlene...

I think I heard Jake Holmes on my radio. I bought the album when it came out because I thought the song was brilliant. I don't remember if it was WNEW-FM or a very differently formatted WCBS-FM at the time, but ONE of them played it a bit (not much, but a bit.)

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Marc, Even the first line ("Where's that smile? Hope you didn't lose it. Put it on again, and wear it once for me") just got me. I still adore that song.

That line and the one in "Second Avenue" by Tim Moore ("And the things that we felt must eventually melt and fade, like the frost on my windowpane, where I wrote 'I am you"..." are probably lines that get me the most of all the songs I've ever heard.

The very best one, in my opinion, is "Dreams are forever and some thingss you never forget" by Eric Carmen in the song, "She Remembered." That rates up there with Shakespeare in my opinion.

Maybe "memorable lines" would make a great thread.

smile --Darlene

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This really is just how I feel TODAY:

"When My Baby's Beside Me"-Big Star

"Baby Blue"-Badfinger


"Hey Deanie"-E.C.


"That I Remember"-Dwight Twilley Band

"Strange Magic"-E.L.O.

"Perfect Day"-Lou Reed

"Oh Candy"-Cheap Trick

"King of the Night Time World"-Kiss

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Who can forget Bea Arthur's much-maligned 'Crumbs On My Muffin'? Not me!

w/ Bob Allen in mind... and real fast off the top of me head...

this is by no means a top 10 (way too hard to choose)

this one goes to "11"

1. RASPBERRIES- Go All The Way

2. BIG STAR- September Gurls

3. BADFINGER- Baby Blue

4. DWIGHT TWILLEY BAND- Looking For The Magic

5. DAVID BOWIE- Heroes


7. TODD RUNDGREN- Wailing Wall



10. GEORGE HARRISON- Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)

11. BEACH BOYS- Surf's Up

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