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Top ten songs of the 70s.....


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My fairly arbitrary/I'm liking them right now/subject to change-list:

Poetry Man - Phoebe Snow

Shambala - Three Dog Night

Hello It's Me - Todd Rundgren

Listen To What The Man Said - Paul McCartney

Help Me - Joni Mitchell

Lonely Boy - Andrew Gold

Jackie Blue - Ozark Mountain Daredevils

Harmony - Elton John

Never Going To Fall In Love Again - Duh.

How Long - Ace

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Rather than think about this for hours, here's what I'm thinking of at this moment...

In The Meantime/Some Other Time - Badfinger

Life on Mars? - David Bowie

Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad - Meat Loaf

Play On - Raspberries

Year of the Cat - Al Stewart (love the string arrangement halfway through)

Frankenstein - Edgar Winter Group

If You Don't Know Me By Now - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes

Without You - Nilsson

Going Down Slow - Bruce Cockburn

Tears of a Clown - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

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There's just too many... you make your list and then it's "oh yeah... what about...?"

My Forgotten 10

1. Falling - LeBlanc & Carr

2. Angel Baby - Toby Beau

3. Convention '72 - The Delegates

4. Convoy - C. W. McCall

5. Lost Without Your Love - Bread

6. Band on the Run - Paul McCartney & Wings

7. Rio - Michael Nesmith

8. What You Gonna Do? - Pablo Cruise

9. You're Only Lonely - J. D. Souther

10. All Through The Night - Raspberries

Yeah, a couple are obscure, but damn they're good... laugh

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I thought of a lot more after posting, of course. So here is another 10:

I Wish - Stevie Wonder

Sir Duke - Stevie Wonder

Superstition - Stevie Wonder, or Beck Bogert Appice

Mr. Big Stuff - Jean Knight

All Things Must Pass - George Harrison

I Wanna Be Your Boyfried - Rubinoos

Call Me Back Again - Wings

Theme from "Shaft" - Isaac Hayes

Kashmir - Led Zeppelin

Somebody To Love - Queen

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there's a reason we've forgotten Convoy... wink

And, as for the blanket statement that no disco music should be allowed on the list, I just want to go on record as saying that there is some magnificent production that can be found from time to time on many dance/disco records. Be it Gene Page's string arrangements, or Giorgio Moroder's sequencing... there's a lot of great music that can be gleaned from that era that didn't involve a guitar smile

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My first top 10 list would be all Raspberries and Eric Carmen songs. The next 10 off the top of my head (no particular order):

Second Avenue- Tim Moore

Rocket Man- Elton John

Betcha By Golly, Wow- Stylistics

It Don't Come Easy- Ringo Starr

I Won't Last A Day Without You- Carpenters

Saturday Nights All Right For Fighting- Elton John

Harbor Lights- Boz Scaggs

Any Major Dude- Steely Dan

Born To Run- Bruce Spingsteen

Take It Easy- Eagles


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I can't possibly name just 10, but these are the most "memorable" that come to mind, at least right now. Each of them really meant something to a specific event/person, so that's why I'm putting them first. There were SO MANY great songs--I tacked on some fun ones at the end.

She Remembered -- Eric Carmen

I Wanna Be With You -- Raspberries

Tonight -- Raspberries

Kashmir -- Led Zeppelin

So Close -- Jake Holmes

Second Avenue -- Tim Moore

Still...You Turn Me On -- Emerson Lake & Palmer

Lola -- The Kinks

Superstar -- Carpenters

One of a Kind Love Affair -- Spinners

Midnight Blue -- Melissa Manchester

Rescue Me -- Melissa Manchester

Tonight's the Night -- Rod Stewart

One Toke Over The Line -- Brewer & Shipley

Joy To The World -- Three Dog Night

Mighty Clouds of Joy -- B J Thomas

and of course who could ever forget

Stairway to Heaven, Nights in White Satin, Funk 49, Bitch and Brown Sugar...etc, etc, etc

smile --Darlene

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I personally don't think I could narrow it down to a top 100 if I tried. My biggest problem is what is my favorite is ALL OF THEM - I don't know how many times I hear a tune and go "OH MY GOD IT'S MY FAVORITE" - especially since whatever mood I am in prompts me to want to listen to something totally different every time. Can't we do top 50 groups? LOL. I could then probably pick out at least 50 from the 70's. Everyone here has at least 4-5 on my list of fav songs... I pretty much liked everything except Convoy, Disco Duck and The Streak.

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Esp this part..."I fooled around and fell.......in loooove".

OK I have to mention this:

I just got an anthology of the Spiral Starecase. Their one hit you may remember is (I love you)"More today than yesterday" Man this guy's voice is great and it reminds me alot of (OK I could just google it, but I'm busy) the singer for "Fooled around".r

Recommended blue eyed soul from the 60's

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1. Darlene: HOW DID YOU COME ACROSS "So Close" by Jake Holmes. WHAT A RECORD! WHAT A SONG!

2. I just spent 10 bucks on eBay to get an original Epic single called "He's Ready" by The Poppies, which I didn't know was the pre-cursor to the Spiral Starecase's "She's Ready," which was the followup to the followup ("No One For Me To Turn To") to "More Today Than Yesterday."

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Marc, I was friends with a local band called "Jimmy and the James Boys," whose leader, Jimmy Druiett, recorded for Epic Records. His manager at that time was Sandy Linzer, who also managed Beverly Bremers ("Don't Say You Don't Remember") and Gary Kris and The Glass Bottle ("Ain't Got Time Anymore").

Jimmy sang "So Close" and I asked him about it. He told me about Jake Holmes and I found the album, "So Close, So Very Far To Go." As one of my teacher friends said, Jake Holmes was like a poet who wrote songs. His songs were like poems.

I loved them. I still play the album and my favorites are "So Close," which makes me cry (Kirk, you would ADORE that one!) and "Her Song," which I'm also in love with.

How did YOU find Jake Holmes, Marc? Nobody here seems to know about him.

smile --Darlene

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