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Baby Blue...guitar....


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OK kiddies....gather 'round for a guitar lesson. (Except Tommy - he's exempt!) smart

With ANY Badfinger tunes, especially from Magic Christian, No Dice and Straight Up, be aware of the dreaded 'tape speed adjustment' that was part of the recording process on those ancient 8 track recording machines. That was a standard method back in those days, especially after all of The Beatles experimentation. (For example, The 'harpsicord' solo for "In My Life" is NOT a harpsicord...it's George Martin playing a slow solo on PIANO, and then mega-sped up.)

So if this helps you all, here is what my band does for Joey when backing him up for Baby Blue, in the key of B:

Joey - plays chords and the lick in first position (first four frets)

Electric rhythm - B bar chord (halfway up neck)

Acoustic rhythm - CAPO 4TH fret, and playing in the key of 'G' (G=B, D=F#, C=E, etc.)

Bass - capo the...JUST KIDDING

Because of tape speed issues, you will find yourself re-tuning the guitar/bass for many of the Badfinger studio releases. But if not playing along with the LP/CD/cassette or 8 track tape, here are the REAL keys for the Badfinger hits (with the perceived keys, due to tape speed):

Day After Day - E (not F)

Without You - F (not F sharp!)

Come & Get It - E (not E flat!)

Love Is Gonna Come at Last - D (not D flat...YIKES!)

Hope this helps y'all.

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There's no capo on the record on the electric guitars, however,, there IS a capo on one of the acoustic guitars on the 4th fret. Listen close to the first chord of the first verse after the bass slide. The acoustic is playing a D chord with the capo on the fourth fret.

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Capo of 4th fret


"Guess I got,, what I deserve"


"Kept you waiting there too long my love"


"All that time,, without a word"


"Didn't know you'd think,, that I'd forget,,

D Amin C

"but I regret,,, "special love I have for you"


'My Baby Blue"

Give it a try!!!! Billy

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