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R.I.P. Buddy Miles

Danny S.

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Buddy Miles (George Miles) - Died 2-26-2008 in Austin, Texas, U.S. ( Rock - R&B ) Born 9-5-1947 in North Omaha, Nebraska, U.S. - Drummer and singer - Led The Buddy Miles Express - Was a member of Electric Flag and Band Of Gypsys - Worked with Jimi Hendrix, The Bebops, Stevie Wonder, Muddy Waters, Barry White, The Delfonics, The Ink Spots, Wilson Pickett, David Bowie, Ruby & The Romantics, George Clinton, Carlos Santana and Bootsy Collins

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Danny - You left out that he was the voice of those damn singing raisins on the TV commercial....(The California Raisins?)

Thankfully, he died at home....Buddy had been in and out of jail several times over the past 20 years or so, once for auto theft. I think he cleaned up his act in recent years.

Rumor had it Wilson Pickett was threatening to come after Mike Bloomfield with a gun after he swiped Buddy from WP's band, but nothing ever came of it. Mike's original idea was to steal Billy Mundi from The Mothers of Invention to be The Electric Flag's drummer, but bassist Harvey Brooks suggested Buddy instead. Allegedly, Mike sealed the deal backstage with Buddy by telling him about all the women in San Francisco, and giving him a box of oreos!

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BTW, aside from "A Long Time Comin'", the only album made by the original Electric Flag, Buddy's best album, IMO, is one that sold maybe 400 copies, tops - his power trio Hardware's "Third Eye Open", with guitarist Steve Salas (known primarily for his work with George Clinton, but he's also toured with Rod Stewart and Mick Jagger) and Bootsy Collins on bass. Released on Rykodisk around '92 or '93, this CD just kicks major ass all the way through, all 3 guys singing and playing their guts out!

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