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The greatest of the great Raider songs.....


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My faves by the Raiders are 'Good Thing', and 'Just Like Me'.

Mark Lindsey has a Saturday night show on KHITS 106.7 out of Portland Oregon. He is opening a 'Rock and Roll Cafe' in just a few weeks. I'm going to try to make it to the opening. I'll be wearing our colors- Raspberries concert tee.

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They played their own music...Levin was a great guitarist,they were all excellent musicians...BUT on 'Him or Me' Fang and Levin had just split from the band and Melcher brought in the Wrecking Crew...so on this great Lindsey-Melcher penned tune...Blaine and company were playing.

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I know that Paul Revere and the Raiders perform in Branson sometimes but it's without Mark Lindsay. Does anyone know if Mark still performs or tours? I thought he did a few years ago but I can't find anything like that on him nowadays.

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"I've been UP, Down, ALL around now baby......"

Plus......Let Me, Good Thing, Kicks, Great Airplane Strike, Hungry, Indian Reservation...GREAT tunes.

And Mark on his own with Arizona too.

Darned fine band.

Much harder edge than the pigeon hole they got tossed into due to their 'look' and the TV show that robbed them of being considered cool or hip. Those guys could rock. NOT a bubble gum band at all/at all. Loads of hits and some pretty fine lps too.

Play Great Airplane Strike up against YOUR favourite 60s Stones tune. Revere and the crew didn't have to take a backseat to ANYONE.

[Although Mr. Sun/Mr. Moon was pretty wimpy stuff]

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