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Harmony-Laden Songs


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Eric's mention of "Surfer Girl" and it's "hair at the back of my nec" effect, got me thinking about songs that are harmony-laden and that have had a similar effect on me. Here are some songs from the 1970's that come to mind:

1. My Girl - Eric

2. Last Night - Eric

3. If You Change Your Mind - Raspberies

4. Don't Worry Baby - Beach Boys

5. God Only Knows - Beach Boys

6. The Little Girl I Once Knew - Beach Boys

7. The Things We Do For Love - 10cc

8. I'll Be There - Jacksons

9. Wishing You Were Here - Chicago

10. Be With You - Hollies

11. Ol' 55 - Eagles

12. Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me - Elton John

13. Love Is A Rose - Linda Ronstadt

14. You're My Best Friend - Queen

15. England - Dwight Twilley Band

16. Love Takes Time - Orleans

17. Shannon - Henry Gross

18. Smoke From A Distant Fire - Sanford/Townsend Band

19. Nothing A Little Love Won't Cure - Rubinoos

20. Baby Come Back - Player

21. Magnet & Steel - Walter Egan

22. How Much I Feel - Ambrosia

23. Cool Change - Little River Band

24. Crazy Love - Poco


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marvin said:

Bri, "Our Prayer" is another slice of harmony heaven.

I teared up when the Harlem Boys Choir performed it on the Tribute To BW program, it was so beautiful.

And Mr E, Jellyfish was indeed incredible live. Saw "Mk 2" in 1993, and have countless recordings (authorized and otherwise) of both lineups. Staggering. Manning is a great vocal arranger.

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Best Harmony groups best songs...

The Hollies....'Look Thru Any Window','Bus Stop',I can't Let Go',Don't You Even Care',and 'Would You Believe'. The Hollies had the most EXCITING harmonies of all 60s groups. Notice I did not say most perfect or beautiful,but with Graham Nash singing the top end...wow.

The Beach Boys...'Please Let Me Wonder'[Their best IMO]...'Warmth Of The Sun'...'I Can Hear Music'

The Zombies....Whenever You're Ready'....'She's Not There'...Hung Up On A Dream.....'This Will Be Our Year'

Beatles...'Here There& Everywhere'....'If I Feel'....'I'll Be Back'

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I remember the Bachelors...'Marie'..I liked that song. If I was picking Bee Gees songs....'New York Mining Disaster' and SURPRISE!! one of their later hits 'Fanny Be Tender With My Love'.

Let me also add two GREAT ones..The Cowsills,'The Rain The Park and Other Things' and 'Mr Dieingly Sad' by The Critters.

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Marv, I hadn't thought of "Rock and Roll Lullaby" in years, but a local band used to do it and I loved it. Hollies always had great harmonies. I loved Bus Stop.

Speaking of great harmonies, and Beach Boys or Brian Wilson, I loved listening to Wilson Phillips simply because I enjoyed their harmonies so much. When one thinks about Brian and how John Phillips spent so much time analyzing and working out harmonies with the Mamas and the Papas, it comes as no surprise that their offspring harmonized the way they did.

:) --Darlene

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And some more:

1. Precious to Me - Phil Seymour

2. You're Only Lonely - JD Souther

3. She's Just My Baby - Artful Dodger

4. I Won't Hold You Back - Toto

5. The Heart of the Matter - Don Henley

6. Wasted On the Way - CS&N

7. Cynical Girl - Marshall Crenshaw

8. Everyday I Write the Book - Elvis Costello

9. Morse Code of Love - Manhattan Transfer

10. The Book of Love - Katrina & the Waves

11. Marie Claire - Wax

12. If She Knew What She Wants - the Bangles

13. She's So Young - the Pursuit of Happiness

14. My Brave Face - Paul McCartney

15. Suddenly Mary - the Posies

16. I'll Come Callin' - the Rembrandts

17. December - Teenage Fan Club

18. As Long As It Matters - Gin Blossoms

19. Not Where It's At - Del Amitri

20. Big White Lies - Chris VonSneidern

21. That Thing You Do - the Oneders

22. I Used to Love the Girl - Kyle Vincent

23. Always - Venice

24. I Could Really Love You - Eric

25. Parachute - Greenbury Woods

26. Kailee Ann - Michael Carpenter


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Harmony Laden Songs:

See You in September by The Happenings

It Could Be We're In Love by The Cryan Shames

Up On The Roof by The Cryan Shames

Never My Love by The Association

You Didn't Have to be so Nice by Lovin Spoonful

Where Have All the Flowers Gone? by Johnny Rivers

You're the One by The Vogues

I Can Hear Music by The Beach Boys

Nowhere Man by The Beatles

I will also add that most songs by The Lettermen were very harmony laden. I am sure most of you have never heard of them but in the sixties and early seventies Tony Butala and brothers Jim and Gary Pike were unbelievable!

Ebb Tide by The Righteous Brothers

Marvin.....I hope you have heard The Cryan Shames ..out of suburban Chicago in the late 60's. They sounded a lot like the Raspberries and were very very talented. You should have heard some of their material as I mailed you about 60 songs of Chicago area groups awhile back.


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Here are some recent spins of favorite harmony songs:

Go All the way & Don't want to say goodbye - The Raspberries

Sunrise & Never gonna fall in love again - EC

Still the one & Dance with me - Orleans

Mr. Tambourine man & Turn, turn, turn - The Byrds

All my sorrow - Lindsey Buckingham

Everything I own & Lost without your love - Bread

Nights on Broadway & How can you mend a broken heart - The Bee Gees

She's leaving home & Because - The Beatles

The warmth of the sun & Don't worry baby - Beach Boys (... everything Brian wrote, actually!!!!!)

The night they drove old dixie down & The weight - The Band

Day after day & Baby blue - Badfinger

Wishing you were here & If you leave me now - Chicago

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sterling said:

It Could Be We're In Love by The Cryan Shames

Up On The Roof by The Cryan Shames

I hope you have heard The Cryan Shames ..out of suburban Chicago in the late 60's.

Marvelous stuff, Phil! I was so thrilled when Sundazed reissued the 3 Shames albums on CD, complete with scads of bonus tracks and mono single mixes. I vividly remember listening to those songs on WLS when I was a pre-teen, and in my early 20s I rediscovered them after hearing "It Could Be We're In Love" played between sets at a HAPPY TOGETHER concert featuring The Turtles (now there are some harmonies), The Association (and again there are some harmonies), and others.

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