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Titan Records Sampler - Coming Out 11/8, Includes Scott McC. goodies!


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Titan, the KC-based power pop label that released, among other things, Scott McCarl's "Play On" CD in '97 and the VHS tape of the reunion show in Cleveland from '98 (?) that included Scott, Wally, Dave & Jim, is releaseing a double disk, 44 cut sampler "It's All Pop!" on 11/8/08.

Track Listing:

The 44 track collection features 19 previously unissued recordings, a 40 page booklet crammed with photos, ephemera, an essay and discography, all sandwiched between two environmentally friendly digipaks and crammed into Numero's eye-catching slipcase.

It's Your Heart Tonight /Secrets*

Please Change Your Mind/ Boys

Real Life Saver /Gary Charlson

No Way Baby/ Arlis!

Coit Tower/ Millionaire At Midnight

We're Too Young/ Boys

I Hope/ Scott McCarl

Save Your Money/ Gems

Not The Way It Seems/ Gary Charlson

On A Night Like This/ Boys

Just Another Pop Song/ J.P. McClain & The Intruders

Brown Eyes/ Gary Charlson

Daddy's Girl/ Secret

The Water/ Bobby Sky

Tell Me It's You/ Boys

I Can't Take It/ Arlis!

Cry/ Gems

Get Your Radio/ Secrets*

Bad Little Girl/ Boys

Close Enough/ Gary Charlson

Good Friends/ Arlis!

Shark/ Gary Charlson

We're Dancing Again/ Boys

Baby Don't Laugh/ J.P. McClain & The Intruders

I Wanna Be/ Arlis!

Radio Heart/ Secrets*

(Baby) It's You/ Boys

Drink A Toast/ Millionaire At Midnight

Rock N' Roll Song/ Bobby Sky

Uniform/ Secrets*

Hold Me/ Boys

Burning In You/ Gary Charlson

Some/ Gems

Yesterday's Circles/ Boys

Night School GIrls/ Secrets*

Didn't Like It Anyways/ Gems

I'll Get You Back/ Arlis!

I Think About You/ Scott McCarl

Radio City/ Bobby Sky

You're Too Bad/ Boys

The Last Song (Dry Your Eyes)/ J.P. McClain & The Intruders

Goodbye Goodtimes/ Gary Charlson

It's All Pop

Also, Kool Kat Records is including 2 bonus disks if you order this from them :

Disc 1 - Previously unreleased tracks that did not make the 2CD set by these Titan artists:

1. Nightime - The Boys (live)

2. Pop Song - The Gems

3. Up Down It's Alright - Arlis

4. Baby Don't Laugh - The Gems

5. Because Of You - Arlis


Disc 2 - Scott McCarl Live @ Poptopia 2/7/98 (backed by The Tearaways + special guests)

1. Nobody Knows (Raspberries cover)

2 Lovin'

3. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (Byrds cover)

4. I Hope

5. Yes It Is (Beatles cover)

6. Go Down Swingin' (featuring Wally Bryson)

7. Play On (Raspberries cover) (featuring Wally Bryson)

8. Slow Down (Larry Williams/Beatles, et al cover) (featuring Wally Bryson & Bruce Gary of The Knack).

The price will be $24 + shipping from Kool Kat Records.

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Pat - Their site is www.koolkatmusik.com; phone # (the store is in NJ) is 856-468-2442; email address is ray@koolkatmusik.com. The "k" versus the "c" in "musik" makes the difference.....(the one spelled "music" is a hip hop label....)

I didn't pre-order it from the site, though. I'm on their mailing list, and got an email from Ray, telling me to send them my info (name, addess, phone #) to let them know I wanted to pre-order this, and he'll contact me when it comes in.

I'm also currently on back-order from Ray for:

(1) a 4-disk import anthology from The Move;

(2) Blue Ash's "No More, No Less", which I want for the free live bonus disk; and

(3) Japanese imports of the first 3 Spongetones CD's, all with bonus tracks.

Hopefully, some of these will actually be coming from them shortly......

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People - I may owe some of you an apology here....it's quite possible that Kool Kat is just offering their bonus disks here to their mailing list customers, and not the general public who orders the Titan comp via their web site.

If this is true - anybody who orders the comp who doesn't get the bonus disks, please get in touch with me after you receive your Titan comp.

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