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Looking Glass/STARZ connection - Brandy [You're A Fine Girl] video


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Here's a little video I threw together at the request of STARZ drummer, Joe X. Dube. Hopefully, it lays to rest the connection between STARZ and Looking Glass. Peter Sweval [bass] and Joe X. Dube [aka Jeff Grob] were part of the original line-up that played on the original single [there's a bit of footage showing them included]. Brendan and Michael Lee Smith joined Looking Glass just before they broke up, so they were only performing on tour. Richie Ranno [stories] was never part of Looking Glass. They played this version live at the 2005 Starzfest event.

Here's the link:


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Loved it, great song and pretty cool video!!!

"Brandy" brings back memories of Steel Pier in Atlantic City. I remember going there with my family one summer day as a younster and the song blaring out over the loud speakers. To this day, I think of Steeel Pier whenever, I hear Brandy. (Anyone else remember going to Steel Pier in Atlantic City?)

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I don't know, is it considered a cover when the original band performs it?

To be fair though, the audio given to me was from a camcorder and I had to patch the lyrics that go "finest silver north of Spain" because the audio dropped out and picked up a back stage conversation. The band was having some fun just before they finished the first night of STARZFEST. The song goes into "Route 66" (which I faded out). I wish I could have left on Michael's conversation before the song which explained how they became STARZ and how they used to get paid touring as Looking Glass.

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