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Goldmine 25th Anniversary Issue - Top 25 Hits of 1974


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I happen to come across my issue of Goldmine's 25th Anniversary and I opened it up to read The Top 25 Singles of 1974 by Tim Neely - this is what it said:

1) After the Goldrush

2) The Air that I Breathe

3) Beach Baby

4) Come Monday

5) Eres Tu

6) Fairytale

7) Helen Wheels

8) Help Me

9) Hooked on a Feeling

10) I Can Help

11) Longfellow Serenade

12) Lucy in the Sky w/Diamonds

13)****** Overnight Sensation

14) The Show Must Go On

15) Smokin in the Boys Room

16) So You are A Star

17) Sweet Home Alabama (yuck)

18) Tell Me Something Good

19) Waterloo

20) Wild Thing

21) Wishing You Were Here

22) Would You May with Me

23) You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

24) You Haven't Done Nothing

25) Your the First The Last My Everything

Now he said some of these actually came out in '73 but didn't chart until '74 - and they are his choices - but I can honestly say I remember sitting on Long Beach Island in NJ that summer with my little blue transistor radio on and these songs were playing constantly and getting on our school bus that year (yes we had a private bus that had air conditioning and played the radio!!! and hearing them there and on our school jukebox at lunctime! Ahh some great memories.... and some great songs that year!

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