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A Full 180


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For 30 odd years I've hated "Carry On My Wayward Son" by Kansas. Hated it. Hated IT. HATED IT. And yet, every Classic Rock station from Marblehead to Malibu played it as if it were the most popular song of the last millenium.

But yesterday I acually listened to the song (albiet for the 23 thousandth time) and ya know what? I got it! That song is the perfect classic rock song. It's got everything. It's perfectly mixed, each instrument is performed wonderfully, the song is perfectly crafted (with its rockin' parts and its mellower moments) and it's got the perfect amount of all American anthemic-ness.

I still hate the damn thing, but after 30 years it's finally earned my respect.


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When I was in Airborne, Randy(lead guitarist) had it perfect, from day one, and Chris(drummer)warmed up to it easily. However, for the rest of us to be cohesive, it did not work. Therefore we didn't play it live.

Marvin is absolutely right. Difficult song to master!!

But even if you have the individual parts down, there is still the issue of interplaying, and coordinating tempos and volumes appropriately!!

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It hit me as a great song when I heard it at the end of the movie HEROS with Henry Winkler and Sally Fields. PERFECT!!! IT ALL MADE SENSE!!!FANTASTIC ENDING!!! STUPENDOUS!!!! COLOSSAL!!!...

....Until I saw it on TV and they cut the song and replaced it with some wimpy acoustic "Heros" song.

Go rent the movie!!!

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Believe it or not one of those main riffs on "Carry On" was ripped off from Journey. Their bass player Ross Valory had a section of their show for his solo (I think they may have recorded it as "Nickel and Dime)

Kansas opened for Journey on one tour and about a year later "Carry on" comes out... If you hear the original Journey track there's no denying the similarity. Pretty much note for note.

Be that as it may I have a sort of love/hate thing with Kansas. Some stuff is great some is unbearable to my ears. The earlier the better for the most part.

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