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Paul McCartney & Heather Split


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Borgnine played an angel in "The Lord is My Shepherd", an episode of "Little House On The Prairie". IMHO, it was a mastepiece 2 hours of TV and Borgnine was the star and nailed the role. Nobody could have played it at the level he did.

For that role alone I'll always be a fan.

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James said:

Ernest must have boinked Bea Arthur :huh:

Respective marriages aside, Ernest Borgnine and Beatrice Arthur's very secretive tryst during the second season of "McHale's Navy" did result with at least one love child who was put up for adoption and raised by hippies in Laurel Canyon. They gave him what was an atypical name for the time, Cyrstal Deemer Vutzer.

Vutzer (aka Britt Vala) went on to become a slightly respected bit-part player on '80s sitcoms with recurring roles on the off-shoot of "Family Ties," "Blood Don't Run" and the short-lived Martin Short vehicle, "Broomsticks And Noodles." He also had a gossip column ("Just Sayin'...") for the LA Weekly in 1989.

Vutzer disappeared from the limelight in the '90s but made a respective TV comeback in the 21st century on the USA network drama, "Flatline Stat," which co-starred Torey Spelling as the troubled co-ed who couldn't cut med school because of her drug problems and an "on and off again" affair with Corey Feldman (played by Corey Feldman!).

When asked if he had any comments about the split between McCartney and his gal Heather, Vutzer said, "Well that's the way love goes sometimes don't it. Sorry to see it didn't work out. I hope they can mend their bridges and get on with things without all that messy stuff that famous couples go thorugh. I should know, I'm a love child of one the oddest couples in Hollywood history."

Vutzer is set to be part of VH1's next season's "Surreal Life."

Once again, to paraphrase Eric Carmen, everything written here is pure unadulterated rubbish. :)

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Pat (conveniently) neglects to mention that the great, much-unheralded actor (and former 'room mate' of Bert Convey)Larry 'Mole' Hovis was Cyrstal's godfather. Larry, as you know, was one of the major stars of 'Hogan's Heroes.' Another little known fact re: 'poor little rich' Cyrstal: He was known to be the lensman for Bob Crane's 'home' movies from time to time back in the 'go go' early '70s. I've seen some of the footage. Very distubing (but in a good way).

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So..... is Tony somehow "related" to Bea? She was a good looking woman back in the 70's when Maude was on and then when Golden Girls were on a decade later.

Maybe I still don't get it but oh well it's been a side-splitting read! I had tears in my eyes while trying to laugh and read at the same time!


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From Rolling Stone this a.m.:


Paul McCartney and Heather Mills have finally reached an agreement on their divorce settlement after months of negotiations. Macca will pay Mills a total of $140 million broken up into an initial payment of $30 million, with an additional $7 million every year until their 3-year-old daughter turns 18.



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