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absolutely perfect songs


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I have come to believe that I have two absolutely perfect songs on my ipod. They are the perfect blend of featured vocals, background vocals, lyrics, instruments, melody, transitions, mixing, length, structure, heck even the way they end! They are:

Day After Day (Badfinger)


Just My Imagination (Temptations)

Absolutely perfect!


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I really can,and have,listened to "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" with regularity since it's release and in the words of "Foreigner"- "It (still) Feels Like The First Time". I feel the same way about:

"Let's Pretend"

"Help Me Rhonda"

"Black Is Black"

"New York's A Lonely Town"

"Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling"

I have always been awed by the great 3 minute single.They are therapeutic and life enhancing-Ira.

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There was actually a time when the 3 minute single was considered "long"...

As for perfection... perfection comes in many forms...

My stepdaughter likes to make her own CD's out of songs that she loves... and there are so many, many of which sound as much like "noise" to me as Power-Pop did to my parents... but the mix of her "perfect" CD is notable... with a blend of current country hits and seriously hard core (and somewhat nasty) rap... early Bon Jovi, Guns & Roses, and right in the middle... Johnny Horton's "North to Alaska"...

In her words... "Perfect"

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That is a tough one, but I guess "perfect" should be tough.

For ballads, I have to go with "God Only Knows" and "Here, There, and Everywhere", and our boy's "Boats Against the Current" is pretty close, too. Another "sleeper" to me is Paul Davis's "I Go Crazy", sweet and simple, but very close to a perfect record.

For a rocker, I have to go with "Go All the Way". That lead voice, those crunching guitar chords, those backing vocals. How do you top that?

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Every now and again a song will hit the airwaves and make me sit up and notice. Regretably it happens far more often on the country side of the dial these days.

Currently my "perfect" songs include...

Double XL by Keith Anderson

All Jacked Up by Gretchen Wilson

What Was I Thinkin' by Dirks Bently


Who Says You Can't Go Home by Bon Jovi & Jennifer Nettles

but that's today, tomorrow a new perfect song might come out and bump one of these...

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Agree with Ira's "Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling" and those that posted "Boats Against The Current" and "If You Change Your Mind".

Some others:

"Skyline Pigeon", Elton John

"Country Roads", BeeGees

"Come On Over", BeeGees

"Ole 55", Eagles

"Baby It's Up To You", America

"Love Grows", Edison Lighthouse

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