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Who I'd Like to See Go Out as Led Zeppelin's New Singer


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Don't know their plans at this point, but personally, I'd love to see Page rehearse and go out with his original choice as Zep's lead singer....Terry Reid, who still has his vocal chops. In '68, Terry was scheduled to tour the US as an opening act for the Rolling Stones, so he turned down Page's offer...and, instead, recommended Plant and Bonham from the Band Of Joy...both of whom got the jobs!

A couple of years later, when Rod Evans quit Deep Purple, Terry R. was offered that job as well, but turned it down...so they hired Ian Gillan instead. Reid would be very, very rich today had he taken either job......in lieu of moving to the US, putting out sporadic albums over the years, and doing studio work as backing vocalist to the likes of Jackson Browne, Henley & B. Raitt.......

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"I'm not familiar with Mr Reid's work, but I'll take your word that he has the chops."

BUT he doesn't sound like Plant, even though Terry R. has a very impressive high range himself. It's just that I've always wondered what Led Zep would have sounded like, had Reid accepted the offer and wound up fronting the band.

He had 1 semi-hit in the US, "Superlungs", a cover of a Donovan song, back in '69. I saw him opening for the Stones in Baltimore, and was blown away by the kid's pipes (he was 19 at the time).

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